Expired Domains

Welcome to the RenewalAuthority.org.

There are over 40,000 + domains expiring daily.  Don’t let your domain fall through the cracks and get lost.

Our purpose is to assist domain owners who have lost their domain names in getting them back.  As domain names expire, they move through several phases.  During these phases, your ability to save your domain name is limited.  Our Organization was created to help people who have accidentally failed to Renew their domain in time.  Our systems were developed to help you get it your domain back before someone else gets a chance to register it:

What a great service!  Thank you so much for helping me renew my domain name before someone else was able to register it. You saved my business!! : )


Thanks guys.. you really did a great job.  My wife and I really appreciate your help.  We totally thought we lost our domain name.

If your website’s domain name recently expired, we may be able to save it for you.  Once a domain expired, many times your existing Registrar is unable to help you renew it.  This is when we can help you.